Friday, 5 July 2013

What makes a High Street great?

What makes a High Street great?: What would you find on your perfect High Street - and does Bromsgrove cut the mustard?

I love visiting Bromsgrove town and do so every Saturday to buy my fruit and veg as well as a visit to the local butcher. A good High Street needs independent stores, stores that you wouldn't find in the big out of town shopping retail parks. The market could be the main focus of Bromsgrove and this could change on a weekly basis. For example, themed markets, more local produce, craft stalls and possibly a food and drink festival??? I holiday in Totnes and in their town they have their own currency which encourages locals to shop in the smaller independent shops. Is this something we could do in Bromsgrove? The 'I love Leek' campaign has also been a success. Is this something else we could do to help promote Bromsgrove High Street??? We need to use it or we could lose it!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Cake and Bake show Manchester 2013

Me and my family headed off to the Cake and Bake show in Manchester today. We had a lovely time, bought lots of goodies and had lots of giggles!

The Cake and Bake crew 2013!

New baby card

This was also made back in January. A friend at work asked me if  I could make her a card for her new Granddaughter that could be framed. I love making cards that I know will be kept for a long time!

My January project!

Hello all! I have had many problems with getting my pictures up on my blog so I am hoping that all is fixed and I have lots to tell you!

I have been longing for a dresser for many years now and the opportunity to own a dresser came up and I simply couldn't resist. My mother in law was having a bit of a front room makeover and the dresser that lived in there was destined for the tip! For many years I saw the potential and quickly offered it a home. I had big plans for my dresser but they all depended on whether the dresser would fit in the small space in my kitchen. I was even contemplating having the radiator out in order for it to fit! Thankfully, it fitted! So, what to do with it next.....I ordered some paint off the Internet and set to work one weekend. The transformation was slow to start but soon picked up once I could see the end result taking shape.

I am so pleased with how it turned out. The dresser cost £100 in total as I ordered new handles too. I LOVE IT! Even my mother in law has mentioned that she would like it back!



Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Project for January

Hello! I have decided to set myself a crafty challenge every month! This month I am going to be doing a cross stitch. I am making it for my kitchen as it will take pride of place on my dresser (when I have given it a make over!).

I tried cross stitch many many years ago and quite enjoyed it. They just take so long to do that I end up losing interest! However, not this time! This is what it should like when I am finished!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy New Year!

I am definitely going to post more this New Year! I have set myself a challenge to try something new every month and be more creative.

I will reveal all tomorrow! New project for a New Year!

Lets hope its a good one!!

Happy 2013!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Last day!

Well, it's my last day of the holidays and I decided that I was going to spend a whole day crafting instead of worrying about going back tomorrow. I have tried to put together some sort of plan for my evenings as I want to get more of a home/work life balance this year. So, I am going to have Wednesday evenings as a 'craft' night! Therefore, I need some crafty stuff to get me motivated (this is my excuse for doing some craft Internet shopping). I have come across a lovely shop/website 'My Mums Craft Shop' and have ordered some bits and pieces from them. Whilst hopping around I discovered that they have a challenge site too! How could I resist! Here is my entry for this week!